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Admission | St. Anthony's Senior Care Hospital | Wichita, KS | Olathe, KS

When does your loved one need help?

Have you noticed a sudden change in your loved ones mental or physical condition?

  • Has trouble keeping up with daily medication; taking too little or too much

  • Difficulty performing activities of daily living; eating, bathing, dressing

  • Difficulty communicating their thoughts and needs

  • New aggression, combative behavior or threats of aggression

  • Sudden changes in dementia; becoming aggressive

  • Sudden changes in symptoms of behavior that put themselves or others at risk

  • Symptoms of anxiety and depression that include: sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, agitation, or restlessness

  • Constant crying and hallucinations

  • Acute behavioral health issues related to a disease or brain injury

It is helpful to document the changes in your loved ones behavior. If you notice 1 or more of these symptoms have taken over your loved one...


Fax referral to (888) 356-1313 that includes:

  • H&P

  • Medication List

  • Discharge orders

  • Current labs

  • One week of nursing notes

Each potential referral will be evaluated for appropriateness for admission. Referral to St. Anthony’s Senior Care Hospital does not guarantee admission. We work with the patient, their families and caregivers to return them to their previous living environment as quickly and safely as possible.

We do not take direct admission.
If you are interested in admission you must call the admissions department first.

In order to be admitted, symptoms and behavior must be sudden onset or severe enough to require 24-hour monitoring to meet CMS criteria for level of care. Each potential referral will be evaluated for appropriateness for admission. Admission is not guaranteed.