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When To Admit

When your loved one is suffering from sudden changes in their mental or physical condition, it can threaten their well-being. This is especially true when this person:

  • Has trouble keeping up with daily medication. Such as, taking too much or too little of the prescribed amount.

  • Has difficulty performing activities of daily living. Such as eating, bathing and dressing.

  • Has behaviors that put themselves and others at risk.

  • Has difficulty communicating their thoughts and needs.

Direct Admit

Patients can admit to an inpatient psychiatric facility from the hospital, emergency room or nursing home.

  • Is the patient in your facility or emergency room now?

  • Is he/she medically stable?

  • Are you wondering whether you should admit him/her?

  • Does he/she meet the criteria for inpatient admission?

These patients CAN admit to a psychiatric facility:

  • The patient is currently a threat to himself/herself and/or others.

  • Experiences a change in mental states from their baseline.


Fax referral to 316-500-8801 that includes:

  • H&P
  • Medication List
  • Discharge orders
  • Current labs
  • One week of nursing notes

Each potential referral will be evaluated for appropriateness for admission. Referral to St. Anthony’s Senior Care Hospital does not guarantee admission. We work with the patient, their families and caregivers to return them to their previous living environment as quickly and safely as possible.