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Behavioral Health Hospital in Olathe, KS

Individuals ages 50 and up have unique needs that must be addressed whenever seeking treatment. If you are looking for a behavioral health hospital in the Olathe area, you need a facility specifically designed with these needs in mind. St. Anthony's Behavioral Health Hospital understands the challenges our patients face. We provide compassionate, exceptional care and support for each patient in our programs.

What Our Mission Entails

We understand that seeking Olathe behavioral health services isn’t easy for patients or their families. The loss of independence and changes in behavior can add another level of stress to an already taxing situation.

We’re dedicated to helping adults (ages 50-64) and seniors (ages 65+) improve their lives and we support their families through a loved one’s cognitive impairment. Working closely with relatives and caregivers is a tenet of our approach to healthcare.

Our qualified team coordinates the patient care to ensure all of our patients’ needs are met; our Olathe team consists of the following professionals:

  • Psychiatrists

  • Group therapists

  • Nurses and Mental Health Technicians

  • Social workers

  • Dieticians

Our clinicians holistic approach to mental health services work best when a patient’s whole well-being is considered. That’s why we create individual health plans to address concerns.

What In-Patient Services We Offer

At times, it’s necessary for one to be hospitalized in order to stabilize their condition. St. Anthony's offers a range of in-patient services:

  • Psychiatric assessment

  • Behavioral interventions

  • Medication evaluation and management

  • Individual therapy

Our approach is to help patients’ make gains and learn to manage their condition during their stay. We also teach family and caregivers the best methods to support their loved ones to ensure that this progress is retained after discharge.

What Out-Patient Services We Offer

Our Olathe location also offers out-patient services for individuals who need medical assistance but don’t require full-time care. The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) allow people to receive behavioral health treatment while continuing to live at home.

Both programs focus on therapy for individuals who are experiencing grief, depression, anxiety, psychosis, personality disorder or paranoia. Patients’ are placed into programs based on their level of need.

Which Counties We Service

St. Anthony’s Olathe location serves the following counties:

  • Atchison County, KS

  • Douglas County, KS

  • Jefferson County, KS

  • Johnson County, KS

  • Leavenworth County, KS

  • Wyandotte County, KS

  • Cass County, MO

  • Clay County, MO

  • Jackson County, MO

  • Johnson County, MO

Why Choose Us for Behavioral Healthcare?

St. Anthony’s specializes in behavioral health for ages 50 and up. Our staff is trained in the unique needs of people this age group and we are dedicated to the utmost professionalism and compassion in our care. If you’d like to learn more, you can contact us at (913) 738-8280 or online.

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