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Behavioral Health hospital in Wichita, KS

As our loved ones age, they may face a variety of challenges, including illnesses of a psychological nature. Here at St. Anthony's Behavioral Health Hospital, we understand that seniors have unique needs and addressing the needs are an integral to patients' well-being. Our programs are specifically designed to treat each individual with dignity and compassion.

Mental Health Technicians

Staff at St. Anthony's Behavioral Health Hospital are dedicated to creating a supportive atmosphere where patients can heal and learn to manage new or progressing medical conditions. We also work closely with families to help them support their aging loved ones. Degenerating cognitive abilities require adjustments for both patients and their families, and we're here to help navigate these changes and improve the quality of life for our seniors.

Our Team

Our Wichita Behavioral Health Hospital location has a team of varied experts who work together and tailor medical care for each patient. When your loved one is in our care, they'll have access to the following professionals:

  • Adult and geriatric psychiatrists

  • Nurses

  • Group therapists

  • Dietitians

  • Social workers

In-Patient Services We Offer

In addition to offering dementia treatment in Wichita, this location offers the following services:

  • Behavior interventions

  • Medication evaluation and management

  • Individual therapy

  • Psychiatric assessment

When patients are admitted, our goal is to stabilize their condition so they can safely return home with solid management strategies and a robust support system. To achieve this, we also work to educate families and connect them with community resources.

Counties We Service

St. Anthonys offers Sedgwick County senior services and also serves the following areas:

  • Butler County, KS

  • Cowley County, KS

  • Harper County, KS

  • Harvey County, KS

  • Kingman County, KS

  • Reno County, KS

  • Sumner County, KS

  • Marion County, KS

Why Choose Us for Behavioral Health Care

Finding in-patient care for a loved one can be stressful in more ways than one. We understand that when seniors face physical and psychiatric challenges, they aren't the only ones who struggle. Our approach recognizes the impact of healthcare on families and strives to treat our patients as complete human beings deserving of dignity and compassion. Each and every one of our professionals believe in this mission and contributes to the positive, caring atmosphere of St. Anthonys.

If your loved one is experiencing age-related cognitive decline, St. Anthony's Behavioral Health Hospital can help. To find out more about our programs or to learn about the admission process, you can reach out to us at 316-869-0507 or via our online form.

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