4 Ways Faith-Based Counseling Can Help Your Elderly Loved One

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Counseling is typically based around what we have experienced and how we perceive the world around us and less so about the opinions we may have about spirituality and faith. Faith-based counseling very specifically targets the latter, making your treatment personalized to your beliefs. The idea that mental healthcare should involve faith and religion is a controversial one, but we believe it’s important to offer. Learn more and contact St. Anthony’s Behavioral Health Hospital today!

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Mutual Understanding

A large number of people base the way they live their lives on their religious beliefs, so it makes sense that it’s also involved in mental health treatment. Our faith forms the way we see the world and the way we interpret our own and other people’s actions, so an understanding of our faith can help make our counseling treatment more personalized to the way we live.

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Similar Perspectives

Having a specific faith or religion can mean that you hold a certain set of values and beliefs that others who are not of the same belief cannot understand. Involving yourself or your loved one in faith-based counseling encourages similar perspectives so you can feel better understood and heard.

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Comfort in Familiarity

Not having to explain why you do certain things that are faith-based, or describing certain terminology, reduces the amount of time spent explaining yourself, which means you have more time to connect. Through mutual understanding of faith or religious beliefs, our therapists and clients can create a comfort zone of familiarity, even if the content they’re discussing isn’t related to their faith at all.

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Faith Encompasses How We Process & Heal

Exploring faith-based counseling could involve calling upon a person’s faith or religion to help them get through a tough time, exploring life’s meaning through a lens of faith, or processing religious beliefs and opinions in relation to oneself.

Faith-based counseling doesn’t have to mean religion is the main topic of conversation, though it can be if you feel that is something that you need to explore. Instead, it is more about making connections over similar beliefs with regards to faith and religion, and creating a comfort zone with somebody who believes the same things as you do. Contact St. Anthony’s Behavioral Health Hospital in Wichita and Olathe to see how we can help you or your loved one today!

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