How Our Senior Mental Health Care Clinic Is Unique

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What makes our senior mental health care clinic unique? At St. Anthony’s Behavioral Health Hospital in Olathe, our mission is to deliver each of our patients with the most knowledgeable, timely, and compassionate care possible. Learn more about our approach to senior mental health and schedule an appointment with a psychological counselor in Olathe today!


Specialize in Seniors Aged 50+

Unlike other mental care clinics, St. Anthony’s specializes in seniors 50+. We work closely with these seniors and their families to meet all of their unique mental health needs. As family members of someone at our clinic, you can rest assured that they’re in safe hands with a team experienced working with mental conditions unique to seniors, including dementia and cognitive impairment.


Low Patient-to-Nurse Ratio

We know that some mental health clinics have a high patient-to-nurse ratio, leaving patients without the support they need. At St. Anthony’s, to ensure that every patient gets the support and care they need, we have a low patient-to-nurse ratio. If your loved one needs support or assistance at any time during the day or night, we’ll have a trained nurse ready to assist in any way possible!


Customized Individual Care

We know that every patient is unique, especially when it comes to senior mental health services. That’s why we work with each patient to develop a customized individual care program that gives them the most support and care. We can explore different avenues, ranging from medications and therapies to lifestyle changes.


Aftercare Services Following a Patient’s Stay

Once a patient leaves St. Anthony’s, we are still here to support them on their journey. With our outpatient services, we can stay in touch with each patient and offer continued care tailored to their needs. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers virtual small groups using a secure video communication system. Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is another outpatient avenue while the patient stays in their home.

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