Positive Things You Can Do For Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is an aspect of life that can often be difficult to deal with, especially if certain issues arise that can take away someone's ability to live a fulfilling life. It may be hard to realize that a family member is suffering from mental health because many individuals tend to keep these feelings to themselves. That said, we at St. Anthony’s Behavioral Health Hospital would love to share some positive things you can do for mental health awareness. Contact us today to help someone receive the assistance they need to stay on the right track.


Talk With Others

Simply talking with others is an excellent way to gain insight into their current mental health situation. Ask family members, friends, and coworkers how they are doing in life, and listen to their answers closely. If they lean towards negative feelings of depression or stress, let them know that you and other resources are there to help. A simple conversation has a lot of power and can be just the thing someone needs in their life.


Share Your Experiences

Opening up to others about your own mental health is an excellent way to show support. If you have struggled or currently struggle with mental illness, share your experience. Knowing that others are dealing with the same thing can be helpful, and may even encourage them to seek the help they need.


Educate Yourself About Mental Illness

If you currently do not understand much about mental illness, educating yourself is an excellent way to show support for others. Learn about how these issues may affect someone's ability to live their life, as well as how you can help them on their path towards mental freedom. Share what you have learned with others because the more people who know, the better the support system will grow.


Encourage Others To Seek Help

If you know individuals who are suffering with their mental health, encouraging them to seek help lets them understand you care. Resources such as the ones we offer at St. Anthony’s Behavioral Health Hospital include psychological counselors, outpatient therapy, and much more. Help elders in your life receive the assistance they need to live the rest of their days as happy as can be!

If a senior in your life is currently struggling with their mental health, bring them to St. Anthony’s Behavioral Health Hospital as our counseling psychologists can help put them on the right track. Contact us today to learn more about our Olathe hospital location!

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