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Art therapy is a powerful tool that can be beneficial for people of all ages. At St. Anthony’s Behavioral Health Hospital in Wichita, we offer art therapy for seniors to help with everything from reducing pain to increasing self-awareness and self-expression. Read through our latest blog to learn more about the benefits of art therapy, and contact us today to learn more about our behavioral health care services.

A pair of old woman hands on a grey surface.

Helps Alleviate Pain

Did you know that art therapy can be used as a tool to help alleviate pain? The act of drawing works to move your mental focus away from the pain and onto the art. But drawing doesn’t just work as a distraction. Art therapy can teach your body how to relax so the pain doesn’t overwhelm your emotional state.

A blank page in a sketchbook surrounded by drawing pens and pencils.

Improves Physical, Cognitive, Emotional, & Social Functioning

Art therapy can have a large impact on physical and mental health, helping improve physical, cognitive, emotional, and social functioning. We’ve already talked about the ability to alleviate pain through art therapy. But, beyond that, art therapy has been used as a tool to deal with emotions, stimulate mental function, improve depression, decrease stress, and increase self-awareness.

A hand holding a blue colored pencil coloring in an intricate pen drawing.

Encourages Self Expression

Art is a powerful tool to help people of all ages express their feelings. Since art involves working with a variety of mediums and styles, individuals can find the mode of creative expression that works best for them. Through that freeness of creativity, we can open a dialogue about feelings and look for meaning and insight by discussing their unique expressions.

An older woman resting her chin on clasped hands, lost in thought.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Since art is redirecting your thoughts and emotions, it’s not surprising that art therapy redirects and calms uncontrollable or stressful thoughts. From decreasing symptoms of stress to reducing anxiety, the act of drawing promotes mindfulness, giving our patients a space to stay present and engaged with their thoughts and emotions.

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