The Importance of Mental Health Care For Seniors

Mental health is just as important for seniors as it is for any other age group. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked. Seniors are at a higher risk for mental health conditions due to physical changes, social isolation, and medication side effects. At St. Anthony's Behavioral Health Hospital in Olathe, we offer short-term and outpatient psychiatric healthcare services for seniors. Contact us today to learn more.

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Physical And Social Changes Can Have Real Impact

Senior behavioral health should be a priority because of the physical and social changes that come with age. Aging can have an impact on seniors' mental health as well as their physical health, causing conditions such as depression and anxiety to develop. Physical changes cause older adults to become more susceptible to illness, injury, and pain. Social changes, such as the loss of loved ones or friends, can also lead to loneliness and isolation.

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Senior Mental Health Is Often Misdiagnosed

Due to the physical changes that come with age, it can be difficult for doctors to diagnose mental health conditions accurately. As a result, seniors may be misdiagnosed or not receive the proper treatment for their condition.

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Senior Citizens Are More Likely To Have Co-Occurring Conditions

Older adults often have multiple health issues at once, including mental illness and substance abuse disorder (SUD). These problems can compound each other, making it even more difficult to provide senior behavioral health care.

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Seniors May Have A Harder Time Getting Help

Senior behavioral health should be a priority because seniors may be unable or unwilling to seek treatment for their condition. Seniors who suffer from mental illness may not recognize the symptoms and therefore don't know when they need help. Others may refuse treatment due to embarrassment, a lack of knowledge about available treatments, or fear of being institutionalized.

It's important to remember that senior behavioral health is just as important as any other age group. By raising awareness and providing resources for seniors and their families, we can help ensure that all seniors have access to the care they need. At St. Anthony's Behavioral Health Hospital in Olathe, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.