Ways Music Therapy Can Benefit Your Loved One

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Music has the power to bring people together, so it’s not surprising that music therapy can help your loved one physically and mentally. Learn more about our music therapy and contact St. Anthony’s Behavioral Health Hospital in Wichita to get support for your loved one today!

An elderly man sitting at a keyboard smiling at the camera.

Bring Back Memories

When it comes to patients who suffer from memory loss, whether it’s due to dementia or another cognitive problem, music can actually help bring back lost memories. Songs can become connected to emotions — like the song used for your first dance at your wedding or a song played during a memorable evening. When a patient hears a song linked to a certain memory, it can bring back both the emotions and that moment.

 Two wood mallets hovering above a xylophone.

Regain Ability to Speak

Like with memories, exposure to music therapy can help patients regain the ability to speak. Patients who have experienced aphasia following a stroke can use music therapy as a tool to relearn how to speak. By practicing music therapy, these patients are becoming stronger and creating new connections in the speech center that is injured.

 An elderly man with white hair wearing headphones, looking off into the distance with a finger resting on his chin.

Mental Health Benefits

Music therapy is a powerful tool to help reduce stress and other emotional and behavioral problems related to mental health. When our patients engage with instruments or listen to their favorite song, they’re able to just a moment and calmly engage with the music. Being at a senior care facility can make our patients feel out of place or overwhelmed so we can use music therapy to help them recenter and bring back memories.

An image of two guitars, one made with a light wood and one made with a dark wood.

Reducing Stress

It’s been found that music can have a large impact on mood, whether you’re just listening to music throughout your day or using music as a form of therapy. During music therapy at St. Anthony’s, we can use upbeat or happy music to leave patients feeling positive or happy. Or music with a slower tempo can help calm and soothe patients that feel overwhelmed or stressed.

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At St. Anthony’s Behavioral Health Hospital in Wichita, we’re here to provide the best support for your loved ones through our senior care facility. From music therapy to art and recreation therapy, we use different tools to help treat patients through different modes of therapy that benefit them. Learn more and call our admissions office today!

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