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Inpatient Services | St. Anthony's Senior Care Hospital

Inpatient Services at St. Anthony's Senior Care Hospital include 24-hour medically monitored/supervised locked facilities for patients, a highly structured environment, and intensive individualized treatment with a main concern of safety for residents, visitors, and employees.

In-Patient Services

Offered at Wichita and Olathe Locations


Recognizing that physical illnesses, medications, and the psychological and social stresses of aging can complicate diagnosis and treatment of late-life psychiatric difficulties, we work with each of our patients and their families to develop an individualized plan of care. Comprehensive evaluations aimed at diagnosis and assessment of emotional, behavioral, and cognitive abilities lead to treatment plans that can be implemented in the hospital.

Thorough psychosocial evaluations, review of medications, medical history, and current physical conditions, as well as other diagnostic procedures are provided as needed. Our program’s multidisciplinary approach draws upon a full range of treatment methods and techniques, including psychiatric assessment, individual therapy, behavioral interventions, medication evaluation and management.

Our staff works closely with patients’ families and referrers to assure that gains made during hospitalization are maintained after discharge. We provide families with education, support, and help in determining the most appropriate next steps, including recommendations of community-based services when appropriate. We also consult with referrers while patients are in the hospital and provide concrete treatment recommendations to implement after discharge.

We do not allow direct admissions. All admissions must be done by contacting our admissions department first.
Admission is not guaranteed.