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Short-Stay at St. Anthonys

St. Anthony's Behavioral Health Hospital is a free-standing facility specializing in behavioral health care for those aged 50 years and older who are experiencing mental health challenges such as dementia and cognitive decline. If someone you love is having trouble with daily activities such as eating, taking medication, or personal care tasks, St. Anthony's may help with in-patient services. Our goal is to stabilize the situation by developing an individual care plan for every client.

What is an In-Patient Service Hospital?

An in-patient service hospital like St. Anthony's cares for patients whose health requires a hospital stay to receive appropriate treatment. To access in-patient care, you are usually referred to the hospital by your doctor, therapist or another healthcare provider. An in-patient stay might be a day or two, or it could last for several weeks, depending on the patient's needs. While in the hospital, you may receive care from specialists such as physical therapists, pharmacists, and others.

How is In-Patient Care Different from Outpatient Care?

Outpatient care is broadly defined as any medical service you get without staying in the hospital for more than 24 hours. Counseling, imaging procedures, and routine physicals are some of the things that can be done on an outpatient basis. You might receive these outpatient services in a physician's office, in your home, or a specific department of a hospital, such as the emergency room. Outpatient care ends when you recover or have to be admitted to the hospital for in-patient care.

Where Can I Learn More About St. Anthony's In-Patient Services?

If you think your loved one needs care, contact the Admissions Department at our Olathe or Wichita locations. Our team of caring and knowledgeable behavioral health professionals can assess the situation to see if St. Anthony's can be of help to your family. We'll do all we can to get your precious family member back home as soon as possible.

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