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Mission of St. Anthony's Senior Care Hospital



“Improving Lives, Exceeding Expectations.”

Our Vision is to maintain a culture of excellence by delivering to our patients and families the most knowledgeable, timely and compassionate care possible.

St. Anthony’s Senior Care Hospital’s Mission is to provide a safe environment for the patients, staff and visitors of St. Anthony’s. The populations utilizing healthcare services of St. Anthony’s consist of the 55 and older. Patients services are provided through an organized and systematic process designed to ensure the delivery of safe, effective, quality care and treatment in an atmosphere that promotes respect and caring.

Patient care encompasses the recognition of both disease and health, patient education and advocacy, recognizing the unique physical, emotional and spiritual need of each person.

The provision of patient of care delivery requires specialized knowledge, judgement and skill derived from the principals of physical, behavioral, psychosocial and medical sciences. As such, patient services will be planned, coordinated and provided, delegated and supervised by professional healthcare providers.

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