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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

*This program is only available at St. Anthony’s Senior Care Hospital in Olathe, KS

What is a PHP?

A structured program for psychiatric services as an alternative to inpatient psychiatric care. It is more intense than the care one would receive in a doctor or therapist's office. This is an outpatient program; patients only spend part of their weekday with us, and return home in the evenings.

This program is structured as group therapy, with individual therapy once per week. Topics are therapeutic in nature and related to managing behavioral health symptoms. Participants also have the opportunity to meet with a psychiatrist or psychiatric practitioner once a week to discuss medication.

Who qualifies for PHP?

Adults ages 65+ who are medically stable and experiencing increased behavioral health symptoms, such as: increased depression, anxiety, experiencing grief and/or loss, starting to experience a cognitive decline that is causing behavior changes, psychosis, or experiencing increased symptoms from diagnoses related to a personality disorder.

What is the commitment for the program?

4 weeks, but will be adjusted dependent on need
Monday - Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM
Lunch is provided, transportation is not

How to join the program?

Call the St. Anthony’s Senior Care Hospital admissions department at (913) 583-5335 for placement. The patient will then be assessed by the Partial Hospitalozation Program (PHP) team. During this assessment the team will collect any progress notes from therapists, psychiatrists, or long-term care that show an increase in behaviors, and collect history and physical examination documentation from the last 30 days. If the patient is deemed appropriate, the PHP team will be in contact.