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What Inpatient Services Does St. Anthony's Behavioral Health Hospital Offer?

Through our short-stay hospital, St. Anthony's Behavioral Health Hospital works to develop an individualized treatment and care plan for every patient. Our approach is comprehensive, taking into account the person's physical, mental, spiritual, and social health. Our team of professionals, including psychiatrists, therapists, social workers, and more, work together to evaluate the needs of the patient and the family's strengths and challenges as a whole. From the very first conversation, the plan for the patient includes discharge planning and post-discharge services. This approach helps everyone, specifically the patient, family, and providers build on progress made during the inpatient services.

Is St. Anthony’s Behavioral Health Hospital Right for My Family?

St. Anthony's Behavioral Health Hospital’s mission is a free-standing behavioral hospital in Wichita, caring for adults aged 50 and older who suffer from mental health challenges. Here are some signs that might indicate that St. Anthony’s might be of help:

  • Any sudden change in the mental or physical health of the patient

  • Communication difficulties

  • Increased risk-taking behavior that may endanger the patient or those around the patient

  • Out of character behavior after a fall, accident, or illness

  • Sudden changes in personality including increased aggression, confusion, or combative behavior

  • Continuing hallucinations or extreme mood swings

If you notice any of these signs and symptoms in your loved one, you may be seeing the onset or worsening of age-related dementia or other mental health challenges. If these symptoms appear suddenly or are severe enough to require round the clock care, reach out to our Admissions Department for help.

How Can I Learn More About St. Anthony's Behavioral Health Hospital?

When you contact St. Anthony’s Behavioral Health Hospital, we'll walk you through our assessment process to determine if we can meet your family's needs. If inpatient services are not the answer, we can connect you to an extensive network of outpatient services to stabilize your situation. There's no need to struggle and look for answers alone.

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